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The Edge Photo Imaging has earned an outstanding reputation, and is
recognized internationally for producing prints of exceptional quality.
Not only are Australia’s finest photographers using The Edge, several of
the World’s best have discovered the benefits this boutique lab has to offer.

In 1997 The Edge evolved from a vision to bring back to the
Wedding/Portrait industry, good old-fashioned personal service.
We put a team together that could provide photographers with a higher
quality of professional service than what was available at the time.
In only a short period, The Edge has certainly made a tremendous impact
on the industry, not only here in Australia, but even as far away as the
UK and USA.

Here at The Edge we aim to be a forward thinking lab, presenting a “can do” attitude, offering the photographer greater scope in what they can achieve as an end product. Over the years The Edge has listened to the needs of the photographer. From back in the days of traditional process and printing from negatives, to fibre base printing, The Edge were always offering something different for their clients, enabling them to stand out from their competitors. 

Now with digital technology dictating the industry, the role of the lab has changed somewhat.  With their focus now on the highest quality Noritsu Dry Lab Inkjet and Theta Silver halide outputs, Fine Art digital prints, wall products including Canvas, Metal and Acrylic prints, the range of services available at The Edge continue to provide you with the essential tools necessary to meet the requirements of Wedding/Portrait, school, kinder and sport photography as it is today.

Customer Service is one of our specialties. We will always try to accommodate the needs of our clients. We have proficient staff in this area that have all had previous studio/photography experience. They understand the needs of the photographic industry, and will endeavour to make your job as easy as possible. The team at The Edge works together in a small and intimate environment. This familiarity carries through to our clients, offering a friendly and enjoyable association for all.

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