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The Edge ROES

Software FAQs & Troubleshooting

What are the system requirements to run The Edge ROES?

Windows XP or newer, 2GB RAM (4GB recommended)
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher 2GB RAM (4GB recommended)

What characters cannot be used in image file names?


Our labs software will refuse certain characters, and while we filter most out in The Edge ROES, it's still best to not use apostrophes, commas, slashes or ampersands in image file names.

Why is my image not printed to the correct size or is cropped, when I have written in the 'special instructions' for the size required?


The main reason for this is you may have sized the file differently to what you have specified in the instructions.
Please keep in mind all 'Direct Output' files are not checked for size. We only make sure that finished size of the print is sized to what has been ordered.

Why does my finished print look pixelated?


We print at 200DPI, all files should be prepared as that. However if you send or upload files that are less than 200DPI the chances of a print being pixelated or soft is enhanced.

What colour space should be used / why does my print look flat or very red?


As long as a colour space has been embedded, our system will print the files correctly. The main two colour spaces we work with are: Adobe98 and sRGB.
When uploading with The Edge ROES, it is imperative to tick the correct colour space check box of which your files have been embedded.
We have Adobe98 as our lab default. If your files have not been embedded with a colour space, our system will print them as Adobe98. Consequently, the resulting image will have a dramatic colour shift.

There is a very long delay in searching for images using the Folder... or Add images button


Clicking Cancel and coming back into the dialog via the same button should speed things along.
You may also prefer to use Finder as your image source, as the folder browse apparent failure on the first attempt may make you think the software is not functioning properly (though there is a spinner to indicate it is working).

I am attempting to send an order via The Edge ROES, but I am receiving an error message and/or the order will not transfer


Check all internet connectivity. Make sure the internet connection is strong enough to send the order.
Your photos are large files which need a strong connection to transfer to us in a high quality.
The Edge ROES does not resize your images, it will send the original file.

If the error "BROKEN PIPE" or "SOCKET WRITE ERROR" appears, this is based on connectivity.
If you are using a wireless connection, attempt to connect with an ethernet cable directly to your modem/router.

Attempt to temporarily disable your anti-virus/firewall program. Recent updates to several common antivirus programs have caused a temporary block on opening The Edge ROES - this occurs upon downloading and opening the program for the first time.

Windows PC - I am having issues getting The Edge ROES to launch


NOTE: This will delete your user information, preferences and orders.

Login with Administrator rights into your PC
1. Be sure to quit The Edge ROES - if The Edge ROES will not close it may be necessary to close The Edge ROES with Task Manager
2. Windows Vista & newer go to C:\Users\ (user name) or "Click START" then double click on your user name in the top right corner of the Start Window just beneath the "User image".
    Windows XP go to C:\Documents and Settings\
3. Delete the hidden folders .BOND and .roescache
4. If .BOND and .roescache are not visible go to Control Panel and be sure Folder Options are set to 'Show hidden files and folders'
5. Delete any 'The Edge ROES' desktop icons
6. Go To 'Control Panel' > 'Programs & Features', highlight 'The Edge ROES' then choose unsinstall from the top.
7. Re-install The Edge ROES from this link

If that did not resolve the issue repeat steps 2 to 5 and continue with the steps below.

8. Delete these two folders SWRoes and ROES, located at C:\ProgramData\SWRoes and C:\Program Files\ROES
9. Re-install The Edge ROES from this link

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