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Photographic Prints

Print Size 6x4" to 12x36" - Service time 1-3 business days

We print these sizes on our Noritsu Green 4 Minilab commercial photo printer. The Noritsu Green 4 is built to deliver amazing 1440 dpi high quality prints on its 4 Colour Ink system. Equipped with sophisticated color management tools, the Noritsu Green 4 ensures that your prints accurately reflect the colors of the original image.


Printer: Noritsu Green 4 Dry Lab

Process: Dye Ink System

Paper type: Lustre

Print Size 16x20" to 30x40" - Service time 5-7 business days

The Theta is a laser exposing device that uses three lasers (RGB) merged into one beam to product digital c-type prints, outputting them on silver halide photographic paper. Print are available on Kodak Endura Lustre, Gloss or Metallic.


File preparation for Theta prints are as follows:

JPG Level 12, 254 DPI, Ensure files have an embedded profile, 

Do not use characters in the file name, eg: !@#$%^&*()?​

Printer: Theta Digital lab

Process: Wet Lab Silver halide 

Paper type: Lustre, Metallic and Gloss

*Please note that the turnaround times for Metallic and Gloss for size between 6x4" - 12x36" is 5 - 7 business days*

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